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Meet The Nutritionist

Jessica is the clinical nutritionist at New-trition LLC in Windsor, CO. She has incredible passion for helping people on their health journeys through functional nutrition counseling! Jessica has a Bachelors of Science in Nutrition with a minor in Psychology from the University of Northern Colorado and a Master of Science in Applied Clinical Nutrition from New York Chiropractic College. She focuses on helping you heal from the inside out by addressing the underlying cause of disease and repairing your health through food and lifestyle modifications!

From dietary changes to stress management techniques and lifestyle modifications to nutritional supplements we've got you covered!

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Are you prioritizing your health?

We live in fast paced world with massive amounts of stress and the desire to have quick fixes to accommodate our overly busy lifestyles. There are some serious problems happening with our  health. Chronic stress, lack of whole, nutrient dense foods, overly processed food, lack of sleep, lack of water, and lack of activity are just a few issues that each and every one of us faces on a daily basis; yikes! Can you imagine what the collective health of our country would look like if we put as much emphasis and importance on eating well, drinking more water, sleeping more, and decreasing our stress as we do on making money and working ourselves crazy? It would probably look very different! Unfortunately, the problem is we can’t necessarily get rid of all the stressors in our lives, but we can make some vital changes to get our health back on track! What does nutrition counseling offer you? We work with clients to rebuild their relationship with food, decrease physical, chemical, and emotional stress, modify your diet, offer you simple changes to your lifestyle to profoundly change your health, and support and resources to help you be successful on this journey! We look at everything from health history to family history to dietary patterns to labs and other tests to find solutions that won’t just band-aid your problem, but rather solve the underlying causes of symptoms and dysfunction.